Crack Printing Process On Cotton Fabric

Crack Printing

Crack printing is a printing method to produce an attractive design on the fabric surface. Here, rubber is used as the printing paste. It is similar to the rubber printing process but additional crack paste is used before the screen printer applies the rubber printing paste to the cotton fabric.

Crack Printing
Crack Printing On Cotton Fabric

Here, I have given a printing process of cotton fabric with a crack printing process. Also, I have given a sample printing recipe.

Crack Printing Process Recipe:

  • Rubber: 98%
  • Fixer: 2%
  • And crack paste / clear

Process Flow Chart Of Crack Printing

The following sequence is the crack printing. They are-

Fabric for printing

Table preparation

Fabric is placed on the table

Crack paste, or clear apply with the help of a screen

Dry in air temperature or hand dryer m/c (slight)

Printing paste applied with the help of a screen

Curing at 190 oC (belt speed: 2 m/min)


In sum, crack printing can be produced on the surface of t-shirts, polo shirts, and other finished knit and woven fabrics.

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