Flow Chart Of Glitter Printing Process

Glitter Printing

Glitter is a transfer printing process. Additionally, through this printing process, different types of decorative designs are produced on t-shirts, polo shirts, or other garment products. Firstly, after pre-treatment of the fabric, the printing operation is done on the table. Therefore, glitter paste is applied to the fabric by the screen printing process. Lastly, curing is done at a high temperature after printing. Curing should be done slowly; otherwise, it may affect the printing performance. Basically, it enables the fabric to show glittering granules on the fabric, and to do this, it needs to use glitter powder.

Glitter Printing Recipe

This is a sample printing recipe. In fact, it will be changed according to the color of the delivery of printed goods.

  • Rubber paste: 70%
  • Fixer: 2%
  • Glitter: 28%

The sequence of the Glitter Printing Process on Textile Materials

The following is the flow chart of the printing process. They are-

Fabric pre-treatment

Table preparation

Fabric is placed on the table

Glitter paste, apply by screen

Hanging for 15 minutes for dry

Curing at 160 °C (belt speed of 3 m/min)


In sum, various types of glitter manufacturing companies supply glitter to textile printing companies. However, you can also read about the Foil printing process for more details.

So, choose your glitter as your demand.

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  • Vipul Monpara

    From where can i get rubber pest and fixer for glliter printing

  • Vipul Monpara

    I want washable glitter print which is not remove long time

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