Flow Chart Of Embossing Printing Process

Embossing Printing Process

Emboss printing is not as available as pigment printing, foil printing, flock printing, or any other dyes printing. It is specially done for logo making or another decorative purpose. In this printing process, printing is done by embossing the printing paste on the textile materials. However, this printing plays an important role in the textile industry.

Here, I have given a process sequence of embossing printing or pub printing with a sample recipe.

Embossing Printing Recipe

This is a sample recipe for this printing process.

  • Rubber paste: 49%
  • Pub / Emboss: 49%
  • Fixer:2%

Process Flow of Emboss Printing/Pub Printing

The following is the flow chart of the pub printing process. They are-

Fabric pre-treatment

Table preparation

Fabric is placed on the table

Apply printing and paste by screen three times.

Hanging for 15 minutes

Curing at 170 ºc (belt speed of 3 m/min)


In sum, embossing is mainly done on business cards. Various types of glossy designs are produced by this printing.

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