Process Flow Chart Of Foil Printing On Garment

Foil Printing

Foil printing is a sublimation transfer printing process. Basically, this printing is done with the help of paper. When foil paper is a solid color that is made by buyer requirements, Therefore, printing is done at high temperatures and pressure. Through this printing process, both man-made and natural fabric types can be printed equally.


It is a sample recipe; however, this recipe can be changed depending on the depth of the color and the types of dyes used.

  • Foil paste: 90%
  • Fixer: 10%

Process Flow Chart of Foil Printing on Garment:

The following is the flow chart of the foil printing process on the garment. They are-

Fabric preparation

Fabric plaited on the table

Foil gun / Foil paste apply by screen

Dry slightly in air temp / Hand dryer

Apply foil paper to the fabric

Heat applied by heat press m/c (150ºc for 5 sec)

Cooling for 4 sec

Foil paper removed by hand


In sum, different type of foil printing is done on T-shirt, Polo-Shirt, and other knit and woven fabric. During this printing, the printer should select the correct printing paper and should be aware of the ink transfer process from the paper to the fabric.

So, print your fabric by foil printing process and produce various attractive designs like rubber printing or crack printing.

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