Process Flow Chart Of Pigment Printing On Cotton Fabric | Binder System

Pigment Printing

Pigments are mainly synthetic organic materials. It has no affinity to the fabric. For this reason, the binder is used for making a film on the pigment surface. A 3-dimensional cross-linking is produced between fiber and pigment. After drying, curing is done at 150 – 180 degrees Celsius for fixing the pigments on the fabric surface. Pigment printing is cheaper than other printing processes.

Here, I have given a sequence of pigment printing on the cotton fabric.


This is a sample printing recipe. It can be changed depending on the color depth.

  • Thickener: 2%
  • Binder: 8%
  • Fixer: 2%
  • Water: 90%

Flow Chart Of Pigment Printing On Cotton Fabric Printing:

The following is the flow chart of the pigment printing process on cotton fabric. They are-

Fabric Pre-treatment

Table preparation

Fabric plaited on the table

Pigment printing paste applied with the help of a screen

Curing at 160ºc (belt speed 6.50 m/min)


In sum, the pigment printing process is interesting one. So, print your knit or woven fabrics with pigments and enjoy wearing a pigment printed T-Shirt or Polo-Shirt.

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  1. I want to paint by hand on cotton domestically.please inform me about binding reagent.fixing reagent etc.


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