What Is Tight Marker? | Types And Uses Of Marker Plan

What Is Tight Marker?

The desired economical use of space by the pattern pieces in a marker is called a tight marker, which utilizes the highest percentage of fabric. The efficiency of the tight marker should be above 90%.

Types and Uses of Marker Plan

Types of marker plans are given below. They are-

Half Garment Marker:

This type of marker is used for mainly tubular knitted fabric.

Whole or Full Garment Marker:

This type of marker is mainly used for open-width woven fabric.

Single Size Marker:

The maker contains one size pattern that is called a single-size marker.

Multi Size Marker:

The marker contains a multi-size pattern that is called a multi-size marker.

So, when you will make a plan for the marker, you have to consider the above points.

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