Polo Shirt Manufacturing Process

Polo Shirt

Polo-Shirt is one of the stylish apparels in the world. This type of shirt could be made of cotton or synthetic fibers. Its sewing operation is done with great care. It is near similar to a T-Shirt. After passing the cutting section, different cut parts are assembled in the sewing section by sewing operation.

Polo Shirt Manufacturing Process
Polo Shirt Manufacturing Process in Garment Industry

Polo Shirt Manufacturing Process in Garment Industry

The sewing operation on the polo shirt is done in the following sequence:

 Lining joint with collar part by heat pressing

Collar marking for open stitch

Collar inside open stitch

Collar marking

Collar ¼ top sin

Collar cutting

Band Rolling

Band joint with Collar

Band top sin 1/6

Placket lining

Placket marking

Placket Rolling

Placket joint

Placket top sin 1/6

Placket Pattern top sin

Placket pattern top sin 1/6

Box Sewing

Pocket Rolling

Pocket iron

Pocket marking

Pocket joint with the body

Yoke joint with the back part

Yoke ¼ top sin

Back & front part matching numbers

Solder joint

Solder top sin

Collar marking

Collar & body number matching

Collar joint with a body part

Collar top sin in jointing point

Sleeve marking

Sleeve overlocked

Sleeve Rolling

Sleeve pair matching

Sleeve & body matching

Sleeve body tuck

Sleeve joint with a body part

Sleeve marking for batch

Sleeve batch joint (left & right side)

Body marking for batch

Batch joint with a body part

Label make

Label Iron

Main label joint in backside

Sleeve opening tuck

Body hem sewing

Care label sewing

Side joint

Band tuck

Band tape joint

Band top sin

Sleeve chap tuck


In apparel manufacturing technology, polo-shirt manufacturing is a great one.

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