Dyeing Flow Chart of Cotton With Turquoise Color | Light Shade

Turquoise Color Turquoise color dyeing is more critical than normal color dyeing. This type of dye is used to produce specific colors. Dyeing Flow Chart of Cotton With Turquoise Color For Light Shade The following is a flow chart of the turquoise color dyeing process for light shade. They are-  Carrier and vessel washed by … Read more

Process Flow Chart of Denim Mercerizing | Cotton Mercerizing Process

Denim Mercerizing In the fabric market; mercerization plays an important role. Mercerized fabric is more suitable than un-mercerized fabric. In the denim industry, the mercerizing process is different than the other mercerizing process. In general mercerizing of cotton is done before dyeing but for denim mercerizing is done after dyeing and weaving which is described … Read more

Dyeing Flow Chart For Acrylic Cotton | Yarn Dyeing Process

Dyeing is the most critical task for a textile engineer. Acrylic cotton dyeing is the double part dyeing process. Here dyeing is done one part to another. It needs to match cotton part and acrylic part then dyeing will be completed. Flow chart of acrylic cotton dyeing is as follow: Carrier and vessel washed by … Read more

Flow Chart of Biological Treatment of Wastewater In Textile Industry

Biological Treatment Process Effluent treatment plant are used to treat waste water that comes from different manufacturing industries where different types of chemicals and dyes are used to treat the materials. After treatment, waste water is directly discharged into the environment. This waste water is harmful to the environment. The purpose of biological treatment of … Read more

How To Evaluate Costing For A Garment Product || Cost Analysis

Costing means to calculate the total investment for producing a product and how much profit will come from that’s investment. It is most important to calculate the processing cost before starting production. During costing, cost analyzer should consider all the cost regarding that’s product production. Costing system mainly describe how the cost of final product … Read more