Price Quotation Of Products

What Is Price Quotation? Price quotation is very important for both the buyer and the seller. The understanding between the seller and buyer should be fine. When a seller gives a quote, he or she should be careful. The quotation letter should contain all the information that is necessary for understanding all the points of … Read more

The Principles Of A Quality Management

Quality Management The quality manager plays the principal role in the management. The quality manager manages the whole process from his position. If the manager falls down then the whole system will be hampered. So, the manager should know his role in the process of management. Knowledge-based management can grow more rapidly than unskilled management. … Read more

Merchandiser || Principle Roles And Responsibilities Of A Merchandiser

Merchandiser A merchandiser is a person who plans or manages the arrangement and promotion of the goods to a specific location as well as to the vendor or buyer. Basically, the merchandiser is the key person in the garment business. At the same time, It is very important to know the duties and responsibilities of … Read more

Objectives And Requirement Of Textile Production Management

Textile Production Management (TPM) Textile Production Management (TPM) is a vital term in textile and garments industry. In the international textile and clothing market an engineer who has a degree on textile engineering and management hold a great demand. To be a successful in an industry you should have sound knowledge about textile production management. … Read more

Types Of Fabric Cutting Machine Used In Garment Industry

Fabric Cutting Machine Fabric cutting is an important task in apparel manufacturing. Fabric cutting is a process of cutting multiple layers of fabric by means of cutting equipment for bulk production in apparel industry. After laying the marker on the spread fabric, the cutting operation is done. Various types of industrial fabric cutting machine is … Read more

What Is Marker? | Objectives Of Marker Making | Efficiency Of Marker

Marker Marker making is the next step of pattern grading. After pattern grading, the pattern of different parts of apparel is placed on the marker. That’s marker is placed on the fabric which will be cut for sewing. Marker is a large thin paper that contains the required pattern pieces of various sizes for a … Read more