Types Of Sewing Thread | Properties Of Core Spun, Cotton And Polyester Sewing Thread

Sewing Thread Sewing thread is the main element in making apparel. After cutting the fabrics, different cut parts are joined by sewing. Sewing threads may be made of natural, man-made, or combined fibers. Sewing thread is manufactured by the combination of short fibers or by continuous filament yarn. Twisting is done to form a sewing … Read more

What Is Knitting And Weaving | Difference Between Knitting And Weaving

Knitting And Weaving Knitting and weaving are the two different processes to produce knitted and woven fabric consequently in the production unit. Chiefly, both types of fabrics have great demand in the market. The manufacturing process of both types is different from one to another. However, every manufacturer wants to get the best products in … Read more

Disperse Dyes | Properties Of Disperse Dyes

Disperse Dyes Disperse dyes are synthetic dyes. Additionally, it is one kind of organic substance that is free of ionizing groups. In fact, disperse dyes are less soluble in water and used for dyeing synthetic textile materials. Basically, disperse dyes uses for dyeing polyester yarn or fabric. On the other hand, Reactive dyes are used … Read more

Flow Chart Of Management Hierarchy For Garment Industry

Garment Industry Apparel manufacturing industries are the fast-growing sector in developing and under-developing countries. Different factors are responsible for this reason. Anyhow an industry that is small or large has a managerial system by which that industry is running. The term management hierarchy also stands for the organogram of an industry. In an organogram, different … Read more

Apparel Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Apparel The process of making a garment according to the pattern with the desired design and style is called apparel manufacturing. Apparel is the final achievement of textile processing, which started with fiber as a raw material for finished goods. After completing spinning, weaving, wet processing; the materials are ready for apparel manufacturing. Apparel is … Read more

What Is Scouring | Important Objectives, Effects, and Methods Of Scouring

Scouring Scouring is the pretreatment process of wet processing technology. It is the first stage of pre-treatment consequently. Before dying or printing textile materials natural fibers must pass the scouring process. The scouring process bears great importance in wet processing undoubtedly. What is Scouring Scouring is the process by which natural (oil, wax, gum, fat, … Read more