Features Of Divided Draft And Combined Draft

Divided Draft And Combined Draft

A divided draft and a combined draft are two important drafting systems in drafting a plan for textile manufacturing technology. These two drafting system is not so used as straight, skip, point, broken, grouped, or curved draft. Here, I have given the features of the divided and combined drafts.

Features of Divided Draft:

The features of the divided draft are given below:

  • Shafts are divided into two or more groups.
  • A suitable type of draft is chosen for each group.
  • Divided drafts are employed for Divided weaves, Double warp weaves, Two-Ply weaves, Pile weaves, and some others.

Features of Combined Draft:

The combined draft has some characteristics, which are given below.

  1. When two or more drafts are combined into one draft for producing a certain type of fabric, then it is known as a Combined Draft.
  2. The combined draft is a complicated draft.
  3. It can be chosen if there are some technological or economical reasons.
  4. For doing this design a designer should have great knowledge about the drafting plan.

That’s all about the characteristics of grouped draft and combined draft.

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