Printing Process Flow Chart Of 100% Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic fabric printing is easier than natural fabric printing. We know that, printing flow chart depends on the characteristics of fiber. In cotton printing, it requires to pre-treat the fabric before printing but in case of synthetic fabric it not essential to pre-treat the fabric because synthetic fabric does not contain impurities like natural fiber.

Printing Process Flow Chart Of 100% Synthetic Fabric: There are various types of synthetic fiber. Printing process for all the fiber is not same. The printing process of nylon, polyester or acrylic fiber varies from one from another. It also depends on the dyes and pigment types. Anyhow, I have written about the basic printing process flow chart for 100% synthetic fabric.

Fabric from weaving section



Jet Dyeing







Folding or Rolling


Synthetic fibers are produced from the polymerization of different monomer. After printing, finishing is done for add some properties. So, it requires to aware about the printing sequence.

So, print your synthetic fabric by suitable dyes.

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