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Management is the modern technique for getting quality in the rules of the employees of the organization. Hence, The Father of the Modern Management is Henri Fayol. He says that getting things done through others people- working together in a group in an efficient manner is called management. Here, I will write about the characteristics of a manager, officer, podcc, smart and swot in details.

Characteristics of Manager:

There are some characteristics of a quality manager in an organization. All are managers here generally, but who manages something, he is a manager. After all, all managers are officers. If we describe OFFICER shortly, we shall know about the characteristics of a manager. They are-

O = Obedient

F = Faithful

F = Friendly

I =   Industrious

C = Confident, courageous & conscious.

E = Efficient

R = Responsible & Respectable

Here, we are discussing quality Managers. Specifically, to be a quality manager we should follow the Advance Management Policy which is related to PODCC.


PODCC means as follow:

P = Planning

O = Organizing

D = Directing

C = Coordinating

C = Controlling


Planning must be SMART. A manager should plan his work in a manner that is easy to reach the goal. Moreover, the planner should give the answer to the question which is started with What, How, When, Why. Now we should know the meaning of SMART. They are-

S =   Specific

M =   Measurable

A =   Achievable

R =   Realistic

T =   Time Bound

For Smart Planning we should follow/evaluate SWOT.


SWOT is stands for:

S =   Strength

W = Weakness

O =   Opportunity

T =   Threat

Organizing: The manager will organize all the materials to achieve the goal.

Directing: The manager will direct for work-frame. He is Influencing (checking & re-plan). He is always motivated for success.

Coordinating: The manager drives for the revised plan.

Controlling: The manager should have control over the process. He should maintain coordination through the entire department related to the production process. The manager will analyze the present situation and evaluation & plan for further process.

Finally, the manager is an important part of management.

So, a quality manager can give good results for the industry.

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