List Of Machineries Used For Cotton Yarn Preparation | Spinning Process

In spinning process; various types of textile machineries are used for cotton yarn preparation. Cotton fibers are spanned for preparing rotor, carded and combed yarn. Each of the yarn is prepared in various techniques. The sequence of machineries used for yarn preparation is differing from one to another.

List Of Machineries Used For Cotton Yarn Preparation: Generally cotton fibers are supplied to the spinning mill as the bale form. From the bale form to the yarn formation a lots of spinning machineries are used. Here, I have listed the common spinning machineries used for making cotton yarn, which facilities the next fabric preparation process. List of machineries are given below:

  • Blow Room’s Machineries: Following machineries are used in blow room line for making yarns:
  1. Mixing or Blending Machine
  2. Hopper bale breaker or Hopper bale opener
  3. Axo flow cleaner
  4. Crighton opener or Vertical opener
  5. Step cleaner or Ultra cleaner
  6. S.R.L.L cleaner
  7. R.N beater
  8. Porcupine opener
  9. Mono cylinder beater
  10. Hopper feeder
  11. Bladed beater
  12. Krishner beater
  13. Scutcher or Lap former

Various types of spinning machineries manufacturers manufacture spinning machine. All of are not in same quality and price. So, choose your requries one which is suitable for your yarn preperation.

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