Functions Of Different Parts Of A Warping Machine

Warping machine is a simplest machine. Its have different components and they have own functions which is required to know for better operation. Warping machine components are mainly divided into two types; they are

  • Creel
  • Head stock

Now I like to give a short description about creel and head stock parts and their functions.

Components of creel and their functions:

  • Yarn cleaner: Different yarn faults like slubs, neps are removed.
  • Stop device: This device help to stop the machine when yarns are broken.
  • Indicator: To indicate yarn breakage in the package.
  • Tensioner: To keep the yarn in a uniform tension.
  • Yarn guide: It helps the yarn to pass in a specific way.
  • Flanged bobbin or cone or cheese base and stand: To hold the yarn package.
  • Blower or suction fan: To remove durt and dust from the yarn.

Components of head stock and their functions:

  • Adjustable or Variable V-Wrath: Warp beam weigth is controlled by this device.
  • Measuring and Marking device: It measures the amount of warp yarn on the beam and marks the yarn for definite use.
  • Yarn speed controlling device: To control the speed of yarn provided with a meter.
  • Pneumatic or Hydraulic pressure unit: Too press the warp beam with the surface contact of driving drum.
  • Break assembly: It stops the machine instantly in case of yarn breakage.
  • Driving drum: Driving drum control the beams and placed in contact.
  • Stop motion: When required length is wound on beam then it used to stop the machine.
  • Building device: To control space between driving drum and beam while dyeing or sizing.
  • Beam bracket: It used to give support and hold the beam.
  • Lease rod: It is used for separation of individually.

It is mentioned that creel is divided into single end and multiple package creel. Magazine creel and travelling creel is called multiple package creels. On the othehand, head stock is divided into fixed head stock and travelling head stock.

So, there are lots of component of warping machine. When one of the components fallen in faults then provide one which have enough quality to give better service.

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