Features Of Matt Weave | Regular Matt | Irregular Matt | Stitched Matt | Fancy Matt

We know plain weave has three derivatives; they are warp rib, weft rib and matt rib. Matt weave fabric has a flexible and smooth surface than plain weave.

Features of Matt Weave: Features of matt weaves are given below.

  1. Matt weave is heavier than a square fabric made from the same yarn, but thickness will be same.
  2. The matt weave cloth has a greater resistance to tearing. Partly, because it has more threads per inch, but chiefly because the threads are in pairs.
  3. Matt weaves tend to give smooth surface and more flexible fabrics than plain weave.

Matt rib is classified into four categories. They are-

  1. Regular Matt
  2. Irregular Matt
  3. Stitched Matt
  4. Fancy Matt

Here, I like to present the features of above Matt weave.

Features Of Regular Matt Weave:

  • Warp and weft are shown in the form of small equal sized squares or rectangles.
  • In this weave, warp and weft show themselves equally on the surface of both sides of the cloth.

Features Of Irregular Matt Weave:

  • This weave produces unequal spaces in the cloth.

Features Of Stitched Matt Weave:

  • Stitch is used in this weave to avoid looseness of yarn in the fabric.

Features Of Fancy Matt Weave:

  • Usually, it is produced by combining matt, warp and weft ribs.

So, that’s all about the features of matt weave and its derivatives.

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