Wool Fiber || Classifications And Qualities of Wool Fiber

Wool Fiber

Wool is a natural fiber. It is also called animal fiber because it comes from the skin of different types of sheep. In the world market, wool fiber and its end product have a great demand. Day by day this demand increases rapidly. We know that wool wear is popular for protecting oneself from the cool weather.

Different Qualities And Classes of Wool Fiber:

Sheep is a valuable animal and it is found in most regions of the world. Sheep is popular for its valuable fiber which is called wool. Various types of sheep are a culture all over the world but all of the fiber is not the same in qualities. Depending on the verity, wool fibers are classified in various ways.

Classification Based on Quality:

Firstly, wool fibers are classified as follows.

  1. Fine wool (Merino wool)
  2. Medium wool
  3. Long wool
  4. Cross bred wool
  5. Carpet wool

Classification Based on Fiber Length:

Secondly, wool fibers are classified depending on the fiber length

  1. Noels
  2. Strictly combing
  3. French combing
  4. Clothing
  5. Carpet wool

Classification Based on The Age of Sheep:

Thirdly, wool fiber is classified on the age of sheep.

  1. Lamps wool
  2. Hogget wool
  3. Wether wool
  4. Pulled wool
  5. Deed wool
  6. Cotty wool
  7. Taglooks wool

There are various types of wool in the world. So, before importing wool we should be careful about the qualities of wool fiber.

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