Flow Chart Of Designing Technical Textile Products

Designing Technical Textile Products Technical textile is the demand of modern times when it is known that technical textile is a customer-driven product. So, the technical textile product is produced by the manufacturer to satisfy the customer demand. If we see then we will see that, the material which is used to produce a technical … Read more

Properties And Uses Of Basalt Fiber And Micro Fiber

Basalt Fiber Basalt fiber and microfiber are the most important fiber for technical textile manufacturing. In modern times, various types of high-performance textiles are made from this fiber. Properties of Basalt Fiber: Basalt fiber is a high-performance inorganic textile fiber. The following are the characteristics of basalt fiber. Basalt fiber has high tensile strength. It … Read more

What is Hi-Tech Fibers || Top Technical Fibers For Technical Textiles

What is Hi-Tech Fibers Hi-tech textile fibers are mostly re-generated with high physical and chemical properties. Basically, various natural and synthetic fibers are used to manufacture conventional textile products. On the other hand, different types of hi-tech textile fiber are used to produce technical textiles. However, technical fibers obtain from synthetic fiber through the modification … Read more

Types and Properties Of Filament Yarn

Filament Yarn Filament yarn is another form of textile fiber besides staple fiber yarn. Technical textile is developed by technical fiber as well as technical yarn. Various types of technical yarns are developed by manufacturers. There have been many types of filament yarns that are developed for technical applications. Types of Technical Filament Yarns: Followings … Read more

Types and Applications of Industrial Technical Textile Products

Industrial Technical Textile Industrial technical textiles have great demand in modern life. Nevertheless, different types of industrial technical textiles play an important role in providing better performance than conventional textile products. Technical textile is the demand of time because it is a consumer-driven product. However, technical textile is popular for their functions and performance. Moreover, … Read more

Advantages Of Technical Textile Products Uses

Technical Textile Technical textile is the application of modern technology to modify conventional textile products. Moreover, technical textiles should have sufficient quality standards which require for specific products. The technical textile uses in many ways. They can be used individually to satisfy specific functions such that coated fabrics such as awnings, airbags, and carpets, and … Read more