Types Of On Line Quality Control System

Quality Control System On-line quality control is a system that is performed during manufacturing. During this checking, if any faults are found in materials, one…

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Types of Cotton Yarn | Uses of Cotton Yarn

Cotton Yarn Cotton yarns are the most produced yarn in the world. There are various types of cotton yarns that are produced by different spinning…

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List Of Spinning Machines For Cotton Yarn Manufacturing

Spinning Machines In the spinning process, various types of spinning machinery are used for cotton yarn preparation. Cotton fibers are spanned for preparing rotor, carded,…

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spinning process

What Is Spinning? Types Of Spinning Process

What is spinning? Spinning is the first step in textile product processing. In fact, the process of making yarns from textile fiber stands for spinning.…

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Functions and Objectives Of Simplex Machine

Simplex Machine A simplex machine, speed frame or roving frame is situated after the comber in the yarn manufacturing process. However, the sliver which is…

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Objectives And Contribution Of Combing Process In Ring Spinning

What is combing process? The combing process is essential to remove short fiber by combing action of the comb machine, which is not good for…

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