What Is Cotton Fiber | Chemical Composition Of Cotton Fiber

Cotton Fiber Cotton is a natural fiber. Although it calls natural hollow fibers. Also, it calls breathable fibers because they are soft, cool, and water absorbent. Further, cotton fiber is a strong, dye absorbent and it has enough properties against abrasion wear and high temperature. Moreover, it can hold water 24-27 times its own weight. … Read more

Cotton Fiber | Physical And Chemical Properties Of Cotton

Cotton Fiber Cotton is a cellulosic fiber. It is important to know the physical and chemical properties of cotton fiber. Firstly, it has a worldwide popularity for its variety of use. Besides, cotton fiber is the most used fiber for producing various types of fabric all over the world. Cotton Fabrics are more comfortable to … Read more

Physical and Chemical Properties of Jute Fiber | Identity of Jute Fiber

Jute Fiber Jute is a bast fiber. Additionally, the fibers that come from the inner bark of the plants are known as bast fiber. Basically, different types of natural and man-made fibers are available in the world. So it is essential to know the properties of fibers because without knowing them, it is not possible … Read more

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