Textile Fiber || General Properties Of Textile Fiber

Textile Fiber Textile fiber is that which is 100 times longer than its width. In fact, a fiber that could be spun for yarn production is called textile fiber. When textile fibers are mainly two types, they are natural fiber and synthetic fiber. However, textile fiber is used for producing different types of woven, non-woven, … Read more

Polyester Fiber | Physical And Chemical Properties Of Polyester Fiber

Polyester Fiber Polyester is a very important manmade fiber. When it produces with a long-chain synthetic polymer with ester. Chiefly, polyester is produced by the melt spinning process. Additionally, it is the most commonly used synthetic fiber among other synthetic fibers. In the first place, DuPont introduced its Dacron polyester brand in 1951, but the … Read more

Process Flow Chart Of Synthetic Fiber Production

Synthetic Fiber Synthetic fiber is that which is made from different types of polymers contrarily it is not cultivated as a natural fiber. Manmade fiber is basically produced from the reaction between different types of monomers. Through the polymerization process, a long chain of polymer is also produced. Then filament is produced by the various … Read more

Top 10 Cotton Producing Countries In The World

Cotton Cotton is the major fiber from all of the seeds and fruits fiber and it grows naturally. However, cotton cultivation is carried out in approx 75 countries in the world. Simultaneously, it is cultivated on an average of 32 million hectares of land and this is approx 0.8% of the cultivated surface of the … Read more

Top 10 Cotton Importers In The World

Cotton Trade Cotton trade occupied a huge market in world trade. The cotton-producing countries are looking to export their cultivated cotton to other countries for earning foreign exchange after fulfilling their domestic demands. It is noted that China is the top cotton-producing country in the world also they are the top importer of cotton. Because … Read more

Top 10 Cotton Exporting Countries In The World

Cotton Exporting Cotton is the most used fiber in the world. The demand for cotton is increasing day by day. To fulfill the demand for raw cotton fiber different cotton-producing countries are trying their best. Among all of the cotton-producing countries, the USA is the best. USA farmers use high qualified seeds for the cultivation … Read more

What Is Cotton Fiber | Chemical Composition Of Cotton Fiber

Cotton Fiber Cotton is a natural fiber. Although it calls natural hollow fibers. Also, it calls breathable fibers because they are soft, cool, and water absorbent. Further, cotton fiber is a strong, dye absorbent and it has enough properties against abrasion wear and high temperature. Moreover, it can hold water 24-27 times its own weight. … Read more

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