Types Of Price Quotation For Exporting Products

Price Quotation The manufacturers of products are the seller of the products. This manufacturer makes a quotation as well as a business offer for the interest of the buyer who wants to buy certain goods at specific prices and on certain terms and conditions. The seller of the products always likes to offer better opportunities … Read more

Semi-Automatic And Automatic Shuttle Loom Machine || Shuttle Looms For Jute Fabric Production In Jute Mills

Semi-Automatic And Automatic Shuttle Loom Machine Shuttle looms are conventional loom types. Chiefly, there are three types of shuttle loom. Generally, semi-automatic and automatic shuttle loom machines use for jute fabric production In jute mills. Although, all of the shuttle loom’s weaving principles are the same only the process of shuttle changing is differ from … Read more

Flow Chart of Printing Process With Basic Dyes | Jute Fabric Printing

Jute Fabric Printing Jute is a natural bast fiber. When this fiber is spun for producing jute yarn. However, various types of jute fabrics are made from jute yarn. We know that jute fabrics are three types such as Sacking, Hessian, and C.B.C. Jute fabrics are courser than cotton or other fabrics. For this reason, … Read more

Flow Chart of Jute Products Manufacturing Process || Spinning To Finishing

Jute Jute fiber is a natural bast fiber. It is harder than other textile fibers. Its spinning process is different from others spinning. Flow Chart of Jute Products Manufacturing Process Jute is a natural fiber. It is environmentally friendly. Due to its worldwide demand different countries manufacture jute goods. Jute goods are produced by a … Read more

How to Improve Productivity || Reduction of Process Loss in Jute Mills

Productivity In this present age, every man wants to get the most benefit from his investment. For this reason, they are interested to get maximum output from low input. Ensure that one should be careful before starting a project. One should be calculative in every step of investment. Poor management could be harmful. So management … Read more

Golden Fiber | Jute Sector Of Bangladesh

Jute Fiber The golden color is a favorite of people. I also like the golden color. Also, you may hear about the pride of Bangladesh which is named golden fibers. Yes, I say about jute, which is so-called. Jute is a vegetable fiber that can be spun into different types of jute cloth and decorative … Read more

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