Types Of Shirt Pocket || Basic Pocket Types

Pockets are the basic part of a shirt. In the modern times, we see that, some shirts has pocket and some has no pocket. It is the present demand. Pocket is used for bearing some light and essential things. Pocket is attached with the left front part or right front part of the shirt by the stitching process.

Types of Shirt Pocket: Shirt pockets are the following types.

  1. Plain Pocket
  2. Square Pocket
  3. Round Pocket
  4. Hexagonal Pocket
  5. Hemmed Pocket
  6. Flap Pocket

Other types of pocket are-

  1. Kangaroo Pocket
  2. Harmonium Pocket
  3. Cargo Pocket
  4. Side Pocket
  5. Welt Pocket

So, that’s all about the pocket types.

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