Procedure Of Dimensional Stability Test | Shrinkage And Spirility Test

Dimensional stability is the vital characteristics of a fabric. It is required to confirm about the dimensional stability of a dyed fabric. If you think that, you buy a t-shirt from the market as your required size but after first wash its size becomes small or large than your required size then you will be upset. So, it required to know about the dimensional stability.

Dimensional stability test is an off line quality assurance system. By this test, we can be confirming about the shrinkage and spirility properties of a fabric. After dyeing and finishing operation; dimensional stability test is carried out. Dimensional properties can be changed by stentering, compacting or by treating the fabric with finishing chemicals.

Procedure Of Dimensional Stability Test: Here, I have described about the dimensional stability test for your consideration. By the following way we can test shrinkage and spirility of a fabric.

Sample: Two piece of 50 cm x 50 cm fabric is taken for test.


  • Conditioning: Put the sample in the table for 4 hours for conditioning before starting test.
  • Cut the sample 50 x 50 cm & benchmark should be 35 x 35 cm. Stitch the sample (3 sides) by over lock sewing machine.
  • Put sample in washing machine and run according to buyer’s choice.
  • Drying: All Buyers’ requirement is tumble Dry except ECHO SCOURING is flat dry.

Shrinkage test calculation:

Shrinkage % =  (Before wash – After Wash) /  Before Wash

Spirality test calculation:

S= (S1+ S2)/2

Spirality = (S+S X L)/100.


S1                  = The right side distance of the specimen from the stitch line wash.

S2                  = The left side distance of the specimen from the stitch line after wash.

L          = Length before wash.

Above test is performed depending on quality standard: ISO – 9001:2000.


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