Chemical Composition Of Hemp Fiber | Natural Fiber

Hemp is a natural, cellulosic and bast fiber. Hemp fiber is collected from the hemp plant. The plant from which hemp fiber is collected that is called Cannabis sativa. This plant is generally grows in the bank of Capsicum sea. It is interesting that this type of plant is grows naturally or in some reason it is cultivated manually. The cultivation process is near flax cultivation. It is a natural fiber and it has a chemical composition which helps us to identify this fiber from the others.

Chemical Composition of Hemp Fiber: Hemp is a cellulosic natural fiber and cellulose is the main component of hemp fiber. I have presented a chemical composition of hemp fiber as below.

Cellulose                     : 77.5%

Hemi-cellulose              : 10.0%

Lignin                         : 6.8%

Pectin                         : 2.9%

Fat and Wax                : 0.9%

Water soluble materials  : 1.8%

This composition is calculated base on 100%.

This composition will help us for the next processing. If we want to get good results, then we have to know the chemical composition of hemp fiber.

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