Advantages Of Technical Textile Products Uses

Technical textile is the application of modern technology to modify the conventional textile products. Technical textile should have sufficient quality standard which is required for specific product. Technical textile can be used in many ways. They can be used individually to satisfy specific functions such that coated fabrics as awnings, airbags and carpets, fire proof fabrics for fireman.

Hi-tech textile or industrial textiles also could be used as the part of other parts such that tire cord fabrics in tines, interlinings in shirt collars, webbing in seat belts. It also uses as accessories in processing industries to manufactures other product like filter fabrics in food industry.

Advantages of Technical Textile Products Uses: Technical textile is gaining popularity among the peoples for its multi-dimensional advantages. It is the consumer driven product and it has a great demand in the market. The advantages of technical textile are given below. They are –

  1. Functional requirement
  2. Cost effectiveness
  3. Health and safety
  4. Durability
  5. Light weight
  6. High strength
  7. Versatility
  8. Customization
  9. User friendly
  10. Mass customization
  11. Logistical convenience
  12. Eco-friendliness
  13. Hydrophilicity
  14. Hydrophobility
  15. Biocompatibility

Above properties of technical textiles also show the comparison between conventional and technical textile. Generally the price of technical textile product is higher than conventional textile but the demand which is satisfied by technical textile that is not possible by conventional textile.

If we think deeply about the above points than we will get a clear concept about technical textile. So, try to make technical textile products.

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