Supply Chain of Automotive Textiles

Automotive Textiles

Automative technical textiles are part of the textile sector. Besides this, it is one type of technical textile end-use. Especially, this term is related to accordance with the vehicle. To illustrate that, the term automotive technical textile means all kinds of textile components such as fibers, filaments, yarns, and the fabric used in automobiles.

Automotive Textiles
Automotive Technical Textiles

Uses of Automotive Technical Textiles

Eventually, automotive technical textiles are non-apparel textiles types. It uses in vehicles such as cars, buses, trains marine vehicles, and aircraft. To demonstrate, about two-thirds of the automotive textiles are for interior trim, such as seat covers, carpets, roof, and door liners. Besides this, others are used to reinforce tires, hoses, safety belts, airbags, and others.

Supply Chain of Automotive Technical Textiles:

In the automotive technical textiles industries; there has a supply chain by which automotive technical textiles are forwarded from raw material to the automotive supplier. It is important to know the flow chart of the supply chain. It is a process by which we get automobiles. So, we need to know the process sequence. Here I have written about the supply chain of automotive technical textiles.

The process sequence of automotive technical textile product manufacturing is as follows.






Cut and Sew





Automotive Supplier

Here, fiber is turned into yarn by spinning process, then yarn is used to make fabric by weaving/non-weaving or knitting process. It is the primary stage of manufacturing.

Secondly, the fabric is laminated by the process of foaming. After that laminated fabric is cut into desired size and sewing is done. Then assembling or molding is done.

Finally, the component is assembled for use in vehicle manufacturing. At last, the complete vehicle goes to the Supplier.

So, it is a sequence of automobile textile product manufacturing.

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