Differences Between Conventional And Technical Textiles

What Is Technical Textiles?

The Textile sector has become modern for the requirement of the present world. At the beginning of textile product manufacturing, man wants to make fabrics that are required to be civilized. At that time, the aesthetic and decorative characteristics were the main requirement of cloth manufacturing but day by day, the demand for men changed due to the present requirement. In modern times, man wants to get that type of fabric that has technical and functional properties with its decorative and aesthetic properties.

The term technical textile is a modern concept in the textile industry. Technical textile is also defined as follows.

  1. Industrial Textiles
  2. Hi-Tech Textiles
  3. Functional Textiles
  4. Performance Textiles
  5. Engineering Textiles
  6. Invisible Textiles

Anyhow, technical textile is a consumer-driven product that is produced to fulfill specific requirements.

Conventional And Technical Textiles
What Is Technical Textiles

Differences Between Conventional And Technical Textiles

Now, I like to present a comparison between conventional and technical textiles based on both functions. The following are the difference between conventional and technical textiles:

Functions of Technical Textiles

  • Firstly, the main function is a mechanical function like mechanical resistance, reinforcement, and elasticity.
  • Secondly, exchange functions like insulation, filtration, and conductivity.
  • Functionalities for living such as anti-dust, and biocompatibility.
  • Lastly, protective functions like fire resistance, thermal resistance, chemical or breathable, etc.

Functions of Conventional Textiles

  • Firstly, the main function of conventional textiles or clothing is to protect our bodies from their surrounding.
  • Generally, it uses for showing wealth and status.
  • After that, conventional textiles use for psychological comfort and modesty.
  • Lastly, it uses to cover the shame which was the primary reason for making textile products.

From the above comparison, we see that conventional textile is the primary requirement of man but technical or hi-tech textile is the requirement for satisfying the specific functions.

In modern times, the technical textile industry is growing fast in the world.

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