Working Principle Of Flat Bed Heat Press Fusing Machine

Flat Bed Heat Press Fusing Machine

A flatbed heat press machine is used for the discontinuous method of fusing. It is comparatively more suitable than an electric iron. It is a handy machine that consists of a Handle, Head, and Buck. Here, the Head is moveable and Buck is fixed. I have written about the working principles of flatbed heat press machines below.

Working Principle Of Flat Bed Heat Press Fusing Machine

Working Principle of Flat Bed Press Fusing Machine:

The following are working procedures of the flat bed fusing machines. They are-

  • Firstly, fabric parts placed on the Buck.
  • Secondly, fusible interlining placed on to the apparel parts.
  • Thirdly, Head Keeps on the Buck by Handle.
  • After that, time and temperatures selects for specific type of fusible interlining.
  • Then, it needs to switch on the machine.
  • Therefore, after passing certain time, it will be fused.
  • Lastly, we will get a fused fabric with fusible interlining.

In sum, during pressing, it is important to maintain a specific time, temperature and pressure because it determines the proper fusing. Additionally, in a flatbed press machine; time, temperature, and pressure are nearly fully controlled.

The advantage of a flat bed press machine is that it is suitable for small-scale industries but it is not suitable for bulk production because it is a discontinuous process of fusing. It is not suitable for apparel industry.

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