Working Principle Of Flat Bed Heat Press Fusing Machine

Flat Bed Heat Press Fusing Machine

A flatbed heat press machine is used for the discontinuous method of fusing. It is comparatively more suitable than an electric iron. It is a handy machine that consists of a Handle, Head, and Buck. Here, the Head is moveable and Buck is fixed. I have written about the working principles of flatbed heat press machines below.

Working Principle of Flat Bed Press Fusing Machine

The following are working procedures of the flat bed fusing machines. They are-

  • Firstly, fabric parts placed on the Buck.
  • Secondly, fusible interlining placed on to the apparel parts.
  • Thirdly, Head Keeps on the Buck by Handle.
  • After that, time and temperatures selects for specific type of fusible interlining.
  • Then, it needs to switch on the machine.
  • Therefore, after passing certain time, it will be fused.
  • Lastly, we will get a fused fabric with fusible interlining.

In sum, during pressing, it is important to maintain a specific time, temperature and pressure because it determines the proper fusing. Additionally, in a flatbed press machine; time, temperature, and pressure are nearly fully controlled.

The advantage of a flat bed press machine is that it is suitable for small-scale industries but it is not suitable for bulk production because it is a discontinuous process of fusing. It is not suitable for apparel industry.

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