Features of Conveyor Press Fusing Machine | Working Principle Of Conveyor Press Fusing Machine

Conveyor Press Machine

A conveyor press is a fusion machine. It is a continuous method for fusing interlining with fabrics. Additionally, it is the most used heat pressing machine. It is more comfortable than electric iron or flatbed heat press machine.

Parts of Conveyor Press Fusing Machine

The conveyor press machine consists of a

  1. Display unit
  2. Pressing rollers
  3. Feed sheet, and
  4. Delivery sheet.
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Working Principle of Conveyor Press Fusing Machine

Features of Conveyor Press Fusing Machine:

The following are features of the conveyor press fusing machine. They are-

  • Firstly, conveyor press machines are used in 100% cases in apparel industry.
  • Secondly, it is suitable for bulk production because it is a continuous process.
  • Lastly, in this machine; time, temperature and pressure are fully controlled during pressing.

Working Principle Of Conveyor Press Machine:

The following are the working principle of the conveyor press machine. They are-

  1. Firstly, apparel parts with fusible interlining are placed on the feed sheet of the conveyor belt.
  2. Secondly, temperature and pressure are selected for specific type of fabric and interlining.
  3. After that, it needs to switch on the machine.
  4. Then, fabric with interlining moves on into the heating zone.
  5. Lastly, after fusing, fused fabric parts dropped on to a tray.

Above all, it is a high production method. So, if you want to run a large-scale industry you have to choose a conveyor heat pressing machine for fusing interlining.

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