Working Principles Of Electric Iron For Fusible Interlining Making

Electric Iron

An electric iron is one of the important fusing machines used for making fusible interlining. An electric iron is used for the batch method or discontinuous method of fusing. This method is not so suitable for the large-scale apparel industry. It is generally used for small-scale interlining production. It is mostly used in bespoke garment making.

Working Principles Of Electric Iron For Fusible Interlining Making

Working Procedures of Electric Iron for Fusible Interlining:

An electric iron is used for fusing fusible interlining with the apparel. The following are working procedures of an electric iron. They are-

  • Firstly, apparel parts are placed on the table.
  • After that, fusible interlining placed on the fabric parts.
  • Then, pressing is done by electric iron on the back of the interlining.
  • Finally, after passing certain time, fusible interlining attached with the fabric.

By the above working methods, we will get apparel parts with fusible interlining.

Quality of Parameters:

In this electric iron fusing machine; heat and pressure is not controllable and time is controllable.

In sum, the advantage of an electric iron is that the initial cost is low. But it is not suitable for bulk production because it is a discontinuous process where fusing parameters are not fully controlled by the electric iron machine.

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