Types And Application Of Over Edge Chain Stitch: Class 500

Over Edge Chain Stitch: Class 500

The over-edge chain stitch is referred to as “overlocking,” as the name implies. A continuous seaming application is formed by this type of over-edge chain stitch. It is widely used when at least one or more threads are passed around the fabric edge. They are generally used to seam and neaten the cut edge of the fabric ply. The thread is supplied from a large cone; for this reason, it is possible to produce a long stitch. For this reason, production is high in this sewing operation. However, All the stitch classes of overedge have high elasticity that does not unravel on thread breakage. Besides, a trimming knife is used to make the edge neat before the sewing operation. Hence, the stitch width may vary from 3-5mm.

Important Members Of The Over Edge Chain Stitch: Class 500:

The following are the important members of the overedge chain stitch:

  1. Type 501: Single thread over edge.
  2. Type 503: 2 threads over edge.
  3. Type 504: 3 threads over edge.
  4. Type 512: 4 threads over edge.

Application Of Over Edge Chain Stitch

The Over edge chain stitch is commonly used for sewing knitwear fabrics. Where seam extensibility is required in stretch materials, in that’s the case this type of stitching is useful. The following are the applications of overedge chain stitch. They are-

  • Over edge chain stitch is used for joining and neatening the edges of cut and sews knitwear.
  • It is used for stitching underwear’s, sportswear, Lycra cycle, ski wear as well as dance wear garment products.
  • T-shirt, polo shirts, tights, children’s wear also stitched by this stitching type.
  • Sometimes it is used for decorative purpose.

Overedge chain stitch machine is used for stitching. Mainly this type of stitch gives a secure and durable stitch in the edge of the cut plies. It also gives smooth feelings on the edge of the garment.

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