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Recovered Wool | All Wool | Virgin Wool | Lamb’s Wool | Hog Wool

Wool fiber has a great reputation for its property. Wool products has a great demand than other textile product although wool fiber is expensive than other fiber.

Recovered Wool: Recovered wool is used wool which has already been made into yarns and fabrics and even worn. Recovered wool of this sort are usually mixed with fleece wool and used for making medium and high quality fabrics. There are several types of recovered wool. Such as-

  1. Shoddy: These types of wool are collected from the simple fabrics.
  2. Mungo: This type of wool is collected from the high quality fabrics.
  3. Extract

The recovered wool is formed by the recycling process. By this way, waste wool products are appearing in new face.

All Wool: All wool is not completely new wool. It may contain a proportion of recovered wool. All wool also used for making decorative products by mixing it with the new wool or by mixing with other fibers.

Virgin Wool: The property of wool also depends on the age of the sheep. The fiber characteristics also depend on the age of the sheep and in which age the wool is collected from the sheep. The completely new wool is called virgin wool.

Lamb’s Wool: The finest wool is collected from young sheep. Lamb’s wool clipped at eight months sheep. This wool is very fine and excellent in quality. Such types of wool have a great demand in the market. The fabric which is made by this wool is very expensive. This type of wool is specially used for making baby wares. This type of wool is also called as fleece wool or first wool.

Hog Wool: When age of the sheep grows up its fiber become thick and stronger than lamb’s wool. When the sheep is in fourteen months olds, the wool is stronger and thicker. This sort of wool is known as hog wool.

Wether Wool: The wool which is collected from the sheep for the second time that is called wether wool. Generally this type of wool is collected from the sheep which is passed fourteen. The quality of this fiber is less than hog wool.

Pulled Wool: This type of fiber is collected from the sheep by applying chemicals on the skin of the sheep.

Dead Wool: This type of wool is collected from the sheep which is already dead. The quality of this wool is very low. Low quality wool product is formed by this wool.

Cotty Wool: The sheep which is growing up in the unhealthy place and the wool which is collected from that’s sheep are called cotty wool.

Taglooks Wool: Discolored wool or short wool is called taglooks wool. Its quality is very low and it is used for produce low quality fabric.

So, there is lots of quality of wool. The price of wool varies on the quality of the wool.

Wool Fiber || Different Qualities And Grades of Wool Fiber

Wool is a natural fiber. It is also called animal fiber because it is come from the skin of different types of sheep. In the world market, wool fiber and its end product has a great demand. Day by day this demand increases rapidly. We know that, wool wear is popular for protecting oneself from the cool weather.

Different Qualities And Grades of Wool Fiber: Sheep is a valuable animal and it is found in the most of the region of the world. Sheep is popular for its valuable fiber which is called wool. Various types of sheep are culture all over the world but all of the fiber is not same in qualities. Depending on the verity, wool fibers are classified in various ways.

Firstly, wool fibers are classified as the follow.

  1. Fine wool (Merino wool)
  2. Medium wool
  3. Long wool
  4. Cross bred wool
  5. Carpet wool

Secondly, wool fibers are classified depending on the fiber length

  1. Noels
  2. Strictly combing
  3. French combing
  4. Clothing
  5. Carpet wool

Thirdly, wool fiber is classified on the age of sheep.

  1. Lamps wool
  2. Hogget wool
  3. Wether wool
  4. Pulled wool
  5. Deed wool
  6. Cotty wool
  7. Taglooks wool

There are various types of wool in the world. So, before importing wool we should be careful about the qualities of wool fiber.

Top Wool Producing Countries Of The World | Wool Production

Wool is an important textile fiber. It plays an important role in the world textile fiber trading. Various types of attractive and decorative textile products are produced from the wool fiber. Wool fiber is collected from the sheep. It is produced in the skin of the sheep. All the wool fibers are not same in characteristics. It varies on the sheep’s type. Among all of the wool fiber Marino wool fiber is best. In this regards, Australia is the best wool producing country in the world. It has a great demand in the wool trading market. New Zeland is the wool producing country which produces good quality wool fiber.

Top Wool Producing Countries of the World: Every year a list of top wool producing countries are published by the various research institutes. By analyzing different reports, I have found that the following wool producing countries are the best. In most of the reports they occupy the best place. This position could be changed but they are the best wool producing countries. Top wool fiber producing countries are-

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. USA
  4. UK
  5. South Africa
  6. Argentina
  7. Turkey
  8. Spain
  9. India
  10. Pakistan
  11. France
  12. Brazil
  13. Chile
  14. Iran
  15. Iraq
  16. Italy
  17. Portugal
  18. Greece
  19. Peru
  20. Canada
  21. Western Europe

So, when you will list down the wool producing country you will see the above name list of the country.