Features Of Divided Draft And Combined Draft

Divided Draft And Combined Draft A divided draft and a combined draft are two important drafting systems in drafting a plan for textile manufacturing technology. These two drafting system is not so used as straight, skip, point, broken, grouped, or curved draft. Here, I have given the features of the divided and combined drafts. Features … Read more

Characteristics, Uses Of Grouped Draft, And Curved Draft

Grouped Draft, And Curved Draft The grouped draft and curved draft are two important drafting systems for fabric manufacturing to produce decorative garments. The grouped draft is generally used to produce a check or stripe design of the woven fabric. The curved draft is used for producing fancy designs with a large repeat unit. Characteristics … Read more

Properties Of Point Draft or V-Draft || Broken Draft

Point Draft or V-Draft, And Broken Draft Point draft or V-Draft and broken draft are the two important drafting systems of woven design in fabric manufacturing technology. Various types of critical drafting plans are done by this two. Properties of Point Draft or V-Draft: The following are properties of point draft or V-draft. They are- … Read more

Characteristics Of Straight Draft || Skip Draft

Straight Draft And Skip Draft Straight draft and skip draft is the most used drafting system to express the drafting plan of the woven structure. Characteristics of Straight Draft: The following are the features of a straight draft. They are- Firstly, a straight draft is the simplest type of draft that forms the basis of … Read more

Methods of Drafting Plan | Drafting System

Drafting Plan A drafting plan is the major part of a complete design for a woven fabric. The number of heald shafts used to produce a design is indicated by the drafting plan. Methods of Indicating Drafting Plan: Drafting a plan can be expressed in various ways. A drafting plan can be indicated by the … Read more