What Is Seam? || Classification Of Seam

In apparel manufacturing; fabric parts are joined by various stitching. This stitching is done by sewing machine. Specific sewing machine is used for specific stitch formation.

Seam: A stitch line where fabrics are joined together by various fabric arrangements is called a seam. Various types of seam are done in fabric.

Classification of Seam: According to British standard 3870; 1991 seams are classified under eight headings. They are given below.

  1. Class 1: Superimposed seam.
  2. Class 2: Lapped seam.
  3. Class 3: bound seam.
  4. Class 4: Flat seam.
  5. Class 5: Decorative seam.
  6. Class 6: Edge neatening seam.
  7. Class 7: Applied seam.
  8. Class 8: Others seam.

Above seam types are important for apparel manufacturing.

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