Flow Chart of Denim Mercerizing Process

Denim Mercerizing

In the fabric market, mercerization plays an important role. Mercerized fabric is more suitable than un-mercerized fabric. In the denim industry, the mercerizing process is different from the other mercerizing processes. In general, mercerizing cotton is done before dyeing, but for denim, mercerizing is done after dyeing and weaving which is described below.

Denim Mercerizing
Process Flow Chart of Denim Mercerization

Process Flow Chart of Denim Mercerization

The following is the process flow chart for cotton mercerizing denim. They are-


Dyeing and Sizing



Washing (In mercerizing machine)


Finishing without Singeing


Steps of Fabric Processing in Mercerization Machine

In mercerizing machine, the process is done sequence and simultaneously. The first step is washing then mercerization is done in the same machine. Anyhow the following task is done one by one in different stages of the machine part.

  • Closed Tank-1: Desizing using detergent
  • Impregnation Tank: Desizing using detergent
  • Stabilization Tank: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-2: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-3: Water wash
  • Then, closed Tank-4: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-5: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-1: Water Wash
  • Impregnation Tank: Caustic (NaOH) solution
  • Stabilization Tank: Steam supply
  • Closed Tank-2: Water wash
  • Then, closed Tank-3: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-4: Water wash (80°c)
  • Closed Tank-5: Acetic acid (CH3COOH)
  • Temperature in mercerizing- 41°c-43°c
  • Caustic (NaOH) concentration in bath- 250 g/l (500 g/l)
  • Bath pick-up- 95%

Above all, there is a lot of mercerizing machines available in the market. Additionally, among all of the mercerizing machine brands, DHALL is the most popular for this operation. This machine is manufactured in India. This is the Combi-Soft & Flat Finish Range machine.

So, this denim mercerizing process should be accurate to fulfill the buyer’s requirement.

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