Flow Chart of Acrylic Yarn Dyeing Process

Acrylic Yarn Dyeing

In dyeing floors, different types of yarn or fabrics are dyed. All of the process is not same. But the basic dyeing process is same for yarn or fabrics.

Flow Chart of Acrylic Yarn Dyeing Process

The acrylic yarn dyeing process is given below:

 Carrier and vessel washed by hydrose and caustic at 1000 C for 20 min

Load the package in the carrier and feed in the vessel

Add washing agent and run at 800 C for 20 min

Dyeing period

Add leveling agent and acid, run at 600 C for 10 min

PH check

Color mixing at 700 C for 40 min

Color dosing at 600 C for 20 min

Acrylic dyeing at 850 C at 20 gradient for 20 min

Acrylic dyeing at 980 C at 10 gradient for 50 min

Sample check


Temperatures cool down at 780 C and drain

Rinse for 15 min for light shade and 25 min for dark shade

Add acetic acid, soda ash, run at 800 C for 20 min


Rinse for 20 min


During acrylic dyeing; temperature plays an important role. Temperatures are up and down according to the requirements.

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  • shyam sundar verma

    we have seen in many of shades found colour tippy after complete polyester dyeing process. so suggest me how to reduce colour tippy problems

  • ponnusamy

    Acrylic after dyeing treatment our opinion non ionic detergent only
    But your suggestions acid soda wash why

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