What Is Warping | Objectives And Importance Of Warping


In textile language; warping is defined as the parallel winding of yarn from a cone or cheese package onto a warp beam. It is needed to confirm that the warp beam is made from good warp yarn otherwise weaving performance will be hampered. So it needs to require to provide a good warp beam. Faulty weavers beam is one of the causes of wastage in the weaving section.

Warping is the first step of the fabric manufacturing process. After winding, the warping process is done for making a weaver beam. Weavers beam is produced from a set of yarns of the same yarn count or different. In most cases, we see that different yarn count is used for making sacking fabrics in jute mills. But most of the fabrics are produced from the same yarn count. It is noted that all requirements depend on the fabric structure. Production of Weaver’s beams depending on the fabric structure. Fabric structure plays an important role in the fabric manufacturing process.

Objectives of Warping:

The following are the most common objects of warping:

  • Firstly, to wound up fixed length of yarn on to a warp beam.
  • Secondly, to increase the weavability of yarn.
  • Thirdly, it use to increase the quality of yarn.
  • After that, to make re-useable small package.
  • Therefore, it use to make convenient yarn sheet for next sizing process.
  • Then, to increase the production.
  • Lastly. to make dynamic next process.

Importance of Warping:

The warping process plays an important role in fabric manufacturing. Followings are the most common importance of warping.

  • Warp beam are constructed by warping.
  • Parallel yarn sheets are constructed by this process.
  • Predetermined yarns are wound from the yarn package.
  • Small packages are combined by this process.
  • Long length of warp yarns is found in this process.
  • Various yarn faults like thick and thin place, larger knots are modified by this process.
  • Small packages become re-useable by this process.
  • Warping accelerates the next sizing process.

So, warping is important for accelerating the next sizing process.

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