Flow Chart Of Discharge Printing Process On Cotton | Discharge Printing Style

Discharge Printing Process

Printing is done by direct or discharge style. Among all of the style; white discharge and color discharge style is the most common. Discharge means removing a specific colored area with another color or reducing it with a bleaching agent.

Discharge printing is called extract printing. By this printing process, color is destroyed by one or multiple colors. Through this process pigment in the T-Shirt is removed chemically and replaced by another color. Discharge printing is done on 100% cotton. Synthetic or blended fabrics are not suitable for discharge printing. Others think is that the dyed fabrics dyes should be dischargeable during the printing process.

Here, I have given a printing process of discharge printing with the recipe.


This is a sample recipe for discharge printing.

Discharge rubber paste: 90%

Discharge/ RNS powder: 49%

Flow Chart Of Discharge Printing Process On Cotton

The following is a flow chart of the discharge printing process on cotton. It is a step-by-step process. They are

Fabric preparation

Table preparation

Fabric plaited on the table

Apply printing paste with the help of a screen

Curing at 190ºc (belt speed 3m/min)


In sum, various types of colored designs can be produced by this discharge printing process. But we should be careful during the discharge printing process. Otherwise, the shade of the original fabric could be destroyed unwontedly.

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