Flow Chart Of Plastic Solution Printing Process | High-Density Printing Process

Plastic Solution Printing

Printing is done on textile materials, plastic, paperboard, building a wall, and another place, that has some scope of printing. But all printing methods are not the same. The printing style and the printing process are different from one to another depending on the material types.

Here, I have given a printing process flow of plastic solution with their recipe.


This is a sample printing recipe.

High-density paste————100%

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Plastic Solution Printing

Flow Chart Of Plastic Solution Printing Process:

Following is the process sequence of plastic solution. In this process, the high-density paste is applied to the fabric.

Fabric pre-treatment

Table preparation

Fabric plaited on the table

High-density paste apply by screen

Curing at 160ºc (belt speed 3m/min)


So, print your fabric with the plastic solution as flock printing, foil printing, pigment printing, or discharge printing.

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  1. This section should be updated with information about digital inkjet printing. It requires the additional process of padding the RFD fabric with a chemical mix that is necessary for digital printing.


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