List Of Sewing Machines Used In Basic Shirt Manufacturing

Basic Shirt Manufacturing A Sewing machine is used for forming stitching. Various types of sewing machines are used for making complete shirts. Each sewing machine is used for a specific purpose. So, it is important to know the specific application scope of a sewing machine. List Of Sewing Machines Used In Basic Shirt Manufacturing: Following … Read more

Features Of Superimposed Seam | Uses of Superimposed Seam In Apparel Manufacturing

Superimposed Seam The superimposed seam is the class 1 seam according to British standard 3870; 1991. This seam is widely used in apparel manufacturing. It is equally important that the superimposing seam is formed by sewing the edge of one piece of material on another. It is simply used to join two or more plies … Read more

What Is Seam? || Classification Of Seam In Garments

Seam A stitch line where fabrics are joined together by various fabric arrangements is called a seam. Various types of seams are done in fabric. Moreover, fabric parts are joined by various stitching in apparel manufacturing. This stitching forms by a sewing machine. The specific sewing machine prefers a specific stitch formation. Classification of Seam: … Read more

Sequence Of Thread Path In A Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

Lock Stitch Sewing Machine In sewing operation; the thread is supplied from a thread cone. The cone is held by a cone or spool holder. From the cone, the thread reaches into the needle by a thread path. It is important to pass the thread through the right path. Otherwise, sewing operations could be hampered. … Read more

Types Of Fabric Guides In Sewing Machine

Fabric Guides In Sewing Machine In sewing, the fabric is fed to the needle over the needle plate. Fabric guides allow sewing to proceed more rapidly. Hammers and guides make it easier to feed the material correctly to the needles and to obtain a regular seam line. So, it is important to adjust the fabric … Read more

Types Of Sewing Machines || Features And Uses Of Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine The Sewing machine is used to apply stitch in the apparel. Various types of stitching are done by the sewing machine. Depending on the stitch types, sewing machines are classified. On the other hand, sewing machines are classified according to their structure. I have written about the sewing machine according to their physical … Read more

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