Types Of Sewing Machines || Features And Uses Of Sewing Machine

Sewing machine is used for apply stitch in the apparel. Various types of stitching are done by the sewing machine. Depending on the stitch types, sewing machines are classified. On the other hand, sewing machines are classified according to their structure. I have written about the sewing machine according to their physical structure. I also … Read more

Features Of Blind Stitch Sewing Machine In Apparel Sewing

The blind stitch sewing machine is special types of sewing machine which is used for special purposes. Features of Blind Stitch Sewing Machine: The features of a blind stitch sewing machine are given below. The blind stitch means the stitch is not visible on fabric. Blind stitch is formed based on chain stitch (1 thread) … Read more

Features Of Safety Over Lock Sewing Machine

Safety over lock machine is essential in garment sewing for safety stitching. Different safety over lock sewing machine is available in the market. Some are high speedy and some are low speedy. Manufactures of safety over lock machine is trying to add some advanced features to this machine. Features of Safety Over Lock Sewing Machine: … Read more