Flow Chart Of Rubber Printing Process On Cotton Fabric

Rubber printing is one of the important printing processes. After apparel manufacturing, printing is done on the surface of the fabric. Here, I have given the process sequence of rubber printing with the recipe. Recipe: Rubber: 60% Clear: 38% Fix: 2% Flow Chart Of Rubber Printing Process: Rubber printing is done in the following way … Read more

Process Sequence Of Embroidery In Garment Manufacturing

Embroidery In the apparel manufacturing unit, embroidery is a special type of task. However, it is done according to the buyer’s requirements. Generally, embroidery is complex work if it is done manually on a single fabric. The manual process takes more time to produce a complex design. Besides this, a computerized embroidery machine is suitable … Read more

Fabric Shade Checking System In Dyeing Floor

Fabric Shade Checking Shade is a common word in the dyeing, printing, and finishing unit of a textile mill. However, it is the physical testing method of an offline quality control assurance system. I have written about the shade matching system in a dyeing lab or lab dip development procedure in one of my blogs … Read more

Quality Control System In A Knit Composite Mill

Quality Control System The Quality control department runs under the direction of a quality assurance manager (in most cases). The quality of a product is checked in the different manufacturing stages of a product. During quality assurance, they follow the different international quality standards. Q.C department also takes help from CCMS for measuring the quality … Read more

Different Types of Quality Test In Dyeing Mill

Quality Test Quality is a must for value-added products. However, fabric Inspection is done in grey form or finished form. The inspection of fabric is a procedure by which the defects of fabric are identified and the fabric is classified according to the degree or intensity of defects. The fabric inspection is done for both … Read more

Procedure Of Dimensional Stability Test | Shrinkage And Spirality Test

Dimensional Stability Test Dimensional stability is a vital characteristic of the fabric. However, it is required to confirm the dimensional stability of the dyed fabric. If you think that, you buy a t-shirt from the market as your required size but after the first wash, its size becomes small or large than your required size … Read more