Fabric GSM Measuring System By GSM Cutter | Fabric Weight Measurement

GSM Cutter Fabric GSM means grams per square meter of a knit, woven, or nonwoven fabric. It is essential to know the weight of the fabric before manufacturing and after getting the finished fabric. It needs to measure the weight of the fabric to be sure about the finished weight of the fabric. This test … Read more

Color Fastness To Rubbing/Crocking Test Method

Rubbing/Crocking Test Method Colorfastness to rubbing is an offline quality assurance system. However, rubbing fastness measurement is important to know the ability of the dyed fabrics against the rubbing or staining. This type of test shows the fixation of the dyes with the fabric. When rubbing fastness is found good then it also determines that … Read more

Quality Control Test Methods In Dyeing And Finishing Industry

Dyeing And Finishing Industry Quality control plays an important role in the dyeing and finishing section of the textile industry. However, the quality assurance department performs various types of quality test in the dyeing and finishing section. They check the shade of finished dyed goods and measure the fastness properties. If the dyed goods have … Read more

Color Fastness To Washing Measuring Procedure

Color Fastness To Washing The “colorfastness” of a colored textile is defined as its resistance to these changes when subjected to particular conditions. However, it follows that colorfastness must be specified in terms of these changes and expressed in terms of the magnitude. Color Fastness To Washing Measuring Procedure Color fastness to wash is an … Read more

Types Of Off-Line Quality Control Test In The Textile Industry

Quality Control System The Quality control department plays an important role in all types of manufacturing units. In textile; it has great importance. In knitting, the four-point system is used to measure the quality of the knit fabric. A quality assurance system consists of two types; they are- On line quality assurance system Offline quality … Read more

Grey Knit Fabric Inspection And Grading System In Textile

Grey Knit Fabric Inspection The inspection and grading of fabric quality are one of the important functions of Quality Control in the grey or finished state. However, the grading of fabric is a difficult task and it needs to take two primary considerations such as the frequency of effects and the seriousness of defects. Objectives … Read more

4 Point System For Knit Fabric Quality Measurement

4 Point Systems In the knit fabric inspection system most companies follow four-point systems for measuring the quality of the knit fabric. There are various methods for measuring the quality of the knit fabric but among all of the methods, four-point systems are preferable to the inspector of the quality. After knitting; knitted fabrics are … Read more

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