Top Garments Factory In Bangladesh

Garments The garments sector plays an important role in the economy of Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh is a developing country but the textile and garment sector involves in the economic development of the country. Besides, the garment business is a profitable business because lots of factors are behind this factor. Bangladesh is the second garment exporter … Read more

Basic Sewing Techniques | Sewing Machine Maintenance System

Sewing Machine The sewing machine is an important part of the sewing section of the garment manufacturing process. However, a sewing machine is a textile garment machine that is used to stitch the fabric, accessories, trimmings, paper, card, and other material together with sewing thread. Basic Sewing Procedure The following are the basic sewing procedure … Read more

Top Sewing Machine Brands And Parts In The World

Sewing Machine: A sewing machine uses for stitching fabrics for clothing making. In fact, sewing machines are used for domestic and industrial purposes. Consequently, different sewing machine manufacturers make avail their products with different advanced features in the modern-day when the old sewing machine was used to just attached two pieces of fabric together with … Read more

Garment Buying House | Top Garment Buying House In Bangladesh

Garment Buying House Garment buying house is a common word to the merchandiser as well as the textile and garment-related personnel. Basically, a buying house makes a contract between the buyer and the clothing manufacturers. However, it plays like a medium that takes all types of necessary approval from the clothing or garment buyer. The … Read more

The Green Factory Award | Top Green Factory Of Bangladesh

The Green Factory Award The ‘Green Factory Award’ has introduced by The Labour and Employment Ministry on the occasion of the birth centenary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Therefore, the award will be given after every two years. However, the Labor and Employment ministry recently said that the awards will be given in six categories to … Read more

Loungewear | Top Women’s Loungewear Brands In The World

Loungewear Loungewear stands for casual, comfortable clothing suitable for wearing at home. Anyhow, loungewear is perfect to use when staying at home, besides working or relaxing. It is comfortable and cozy, and still has style with enough tailor sophistication. In fact, style options have grown in the last decade as higher-end fashion designers are looking forward … Read more

Polyester Fiber | Uses Of Polyester Fiber | Characteristics Of Polyester Fiber

Polyester Fiber Polyester contains the ester functional group in its main chain. It is developed by DuPont in 1946 and was sold under the tradename Terylene. however, the common polyester fibers are composed of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol (PET). Polyester fabrics and yarns that produce from this type of polyester type are strong, very elastic (springs … Read more

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