Fashion Merchandising: Principles, Roles and Scopes

Fashion Merchandising The textile and apparel design sectors both greatly benefit from fashion merchandising. But every company wants to increase its sales and profits, and…

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Understanding the Benefits and Challenges of Textile Study

Textile Study Textile study plays a vital role in our lives. However, our daily lives are profoundly impacted by the complex and diverse world of…

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private label apparel manufacturing

Benefits and Challenges of Private Label Apparel Manufacturing

Private Label Apparel Manufacturing Private label manufacturing is a popular word in the clothing industry. The private label apparel manufacturing is also called private-label attire…

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Top Fashion Clothes Brands in Bangladesh

Fashion Clothes Fashion clothes, also known as apparel or clothing. However, it is a general term for a popular style or practice in a specific…

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Woven Dyeing Factory List in Bangladesh

Woven Dyeing Factory in Bangladesh Woven dyeing is the process of dyeing woven fabric for making changes to the fabric’s outlook depending on the consumer’s…

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Vegetable Fibers: Types, Characteristics, Uses, and Advantages

What are vegetable fibers? Vegetable fibers are organic fibers that are derived from various plant components, including the stem, leaves, and seeds. However, cellulose is…

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