List Of Textile Industries In DSE

Textile Industry in DSE The textile industry is a common word in Bangladesh. However, lots of textile and jute industries established in Bangladesh. This sector plays a vital role in the economy of Bangladesh. A huge amount of people are engaged in this sector. Moreover, some textile and jute industries are listed in DSE and … Read more

Garment Washing Chemicals List and Their Functions

Garment Washing Chemicals Garment washing chemicals play a vital role in different types of garment washing processes to get desired changes according to buyer requirements. However, there are lots of garment washing plants established in Bangladesh to do these garment washing processes. In the washing plant, different types of washing chemicals are used for doing … Read more

Functions of Different Denim Washing Chemicals

Denim Washing Chemicals Denim washing plays an important role to enhance the denim outlook and strength of the denim garment. However, raw denim fabric is sewn into the denim manufacturing garment and then it sends to the denim washing plant to add different features through denim wash. It is important to ensure the quality of … Read more

List of Garments Washing Industry in Bangladesh

Garments Washing Plant Garments washing plant plays an important role in the garment washing industry. However, different types of lucrative and glassy outlooks, as well as fabric shade, are obtained by this washing process. Significantly, it is essential to fulfilling the buyer’s requirement. As a result, lots of garment washing plants established in Bangladesh. Listed … Read more

4 Best Fabrics for Kurtas in Summer

Kurtas in Summer Summer in India is deadly. With temperatures in most parts of the country reaching above 40 degrees, the Indian summer is uncomfortable and sweltering. But does that mean one should not participate in any summer outdoor evening events or festivities? Of course, not! The trick here is to dress for the event, … Read more

Types of Denim Garment Washes

Denim Washing Denim is the fashion of the modern world. However, different types of washes are done on denim fabric to give special types of effects on it. Especially, denim wash effects various properties of denim garments such as appearance or color change, softening, dimensional stability as well as different handle properties. Hence, these effects … Read more

Denim Fabric Shade Checking Procedure

Denim Denim fabric is produced in different shaded for its end-user demand. Shades of denim garments are checked in different stages of production. Denim is produced from 4 oz. to 16 oz./ sq. yds in weight. Technically Denim is defined as a 3/1 warp-faced twill but is also produced from weaves like Left-hand twill, right-hand … Read more

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