Textile Compactor | Functions And Checking Parameter Of Tubular And Open Compactor

Compactor machines are two types. They are-

  1. Tubular compactor
  2. Open compactor

Tubular compactor is used after hydro-extractor, de-watering and dryer. By the compactor machine, compacting is done for control the shrinkage of the fabric. Here, different types of off line quality of the fabric are measured.

Open compactor is used for compacting the open form fabric. Here, slitting machine is used for open the fabric from the tubular form.

Functions of tubular compactor: Following objectives are achieved by the tubular compactor. They are-

  1. Shrinkage of the fabric is controlled by the compactor.
  2. Fabric width is controlled by the compactor.
  3. GSM of the fabric is adjusted by the compacting.
  4. Fabric smoothness is achieved by the compactor.
  5. Heat setting of fabric for Lycra is done by tubular compactor.

Checking Parameters: Following parameters check in compactor machine.

  1. Shade Check: Shade of the compacting fabric is checked in the delivery side of the machine. The operator collects the fabric and compare the shade of the fabric with the buyer’s approved swatch.
  2. Width Check: Operator measures the width of the fabric with the measuring tape and compares it with the buyer’s requirement.
  3. Weight Check: Weight of the fabric is determined by GSM check. Operator checks the GSM of the fabric by GSM cutter and electric balance.
  4. Edge Line Checking: Two edges of the fabric is check in delivery side. If any fix line is identified, which normally occurs from the expander it should be connected.
  5. Design and Slanting: Operator checks design and slanting of the fabric in the delivery side of the machine.
  6. Fabric Faults: Various types of fabric quality are measured in the delivery side of the fabric.

Compactor Machine: Here, I have present tubular and open compactor with its specification. The figure which is mentioned here it is changeable depending on the demand.

Brand name Ferraro
Model no. Comptex/Fv200
Manufacturing country Italy
Speed range 16-35 m/min
Temperature 110-145C
Used utilities Electricity, Compress air, Steam
Production capacity 8 ton/day
Maximum width 52”
Minimum width 16”
Applied for Tube width

Another, Open Compactor:

Brand name Ferraro
Model no. Comptex/Fv200
Manufacturing country Italy
Speed range 13-22 m/min
Temperature 110-140C
Used utilities Electricity,Compress air,Steam
Production capacity 4 ton/day
Maximum width 86”
Minimum width 36”
Applied for Open width

So, we should be careful about the fabric faults. If any faults found in the fabric then we should adjust the machine parameter as per requirement.

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