Drying Machine Parameter Set Up For Relax Dryer

Textile Dryer

In the textile finishing unit, a dryer is used to dry knit, woven fabrics, and dyed yarn. But the drying process and drying mechanism of yarn and fabrics are different from one another. In the dryer, drying and curing are done as required.

What is drying?

The main function of a textile dryer is to dry the textile fabrics. Drying is defined as a process where the liquid portion of the solution is evaporated from the fabric.

What is curing?

Curing can be defined as a process following the addition of a finish to textile fabrics in which materials are heated for a certain time at elevated temperatures to effect a chemical reaction. This curing operation is most common when finishing the printed goods.

Considering Points for Selecting Relax Dryer

The following points should consider during buying a dryer.

  1. Heating methods: The textile fabrics may be heated by gas burner or steam.
  2. Chamber: Number of chamber.
  3. Burner: number of burners.

Drying Machine Parameter Set Up For Relax Dryer

Here I have given two relaxed dryer machine parameters.

Ruckh Relax Dryer (Germany):

Machine ParameterSet-Up value

Temperature value 


100oc – 120oc for white shade  

120oc – 130oc for light shade130oc – 140oc for the dark shade150oc – 170oc for curing

Blower fan settingAuto
Exhaust fan settingAuto
Machine speed3-35 m/min; depends on the quality of fabric.
Overfeed0-40%; depends on fabric consumption.
Width of spreader setting45-114 cm; depends on the required width of fabric.
Burner gas pressure10-15 m bar.

Another, Santex Relax Dryer (USA):

Machine ParameterSet-Up value
Temperature value100oc – 110oc for white shade

110oc – 120oc for light shade120oc – 130oc for the dark shade

Blower fan settingPush-button switch on
Exhaust fan settingPush-button switch on
Machine speed1-12 m/min; depends on the quality of fabric.
Overfeed0-45%; depends on fabric consumption.

Now a day, China and India manufacture various type of textile dryer which is standard in quality also cheap in price.

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