Re-Winding: Objectives and Functions


Re-winding is the last step of the yarn dyeing process. The process is started with a soft winding section, it comes to end with a rewinding section. After rewinding, dyed yarns become ready for packing and delivery to the destination.

In yarn dyeing floor re-winding section is also called the random section. In this section dried and dyed yarns are transferred from spring or plastic tube to cone form.

Objectives of re-winding

The objectives of re-winding are given below:

  • Firstly, to transfer the dyed yarn from tube or spring to cone package.
  • Secondly, it uses to clean the yarn.
  • Thirdly, to make the yarn in continuous form.
  • Lastly, to prepare the cone package for the delivery.

Re-Winding Machine

In the rewinding section, various types of machines are used. One of the most used re-winding machines is GAO14; GROOVED DRUM WINDER which is manufactured by SUZHOU XINSAFANG MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL. The origin country of this machine in China. It contains 100 Spindle.

Points to Consider During Re-winding

During the re-winding process various points are considered which are given below:


Trash is one of the big problems in the random section. Different shaded yarns are re-wind in random section, so color trash flies in the section and enters into a package of another color or the same color, which destroy the quality of the package. Especially, it is harmful to the white or off-white color, where other color trash can be identified easily.


Waxes use in the random section. The yarn passes through the wax. Wax gives softness and lubricity to the yarn, which facilities better knitting performance.


Tension is given to double yarn, not in a single yarn. Because tension makes a single yarn package hard.

Wet Package

The wet package should not be re-wind because the wet package becomes hard after re-winding. It also makes beets in the cone package.


Cone should be available.


The blower should work properly because cleaning performance depends on the blower’s performance.


Operators should aware of the cleanliness.

So, that’s all about the rewinding section. One should be aware of the re-winding process and produce a fault-free product for the buyer.

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