Soft Winding Section | Objectives And Requirements of A Soft Winding Section

Yarn dyeing is the special types of dyeing. Package yarn dyeing is done in package form. For this reason it needs to transfer the yarn from paper cone to spring tube or plastic tube. This function is done in a soft winding section where re winding is done. Different modern winding machine is used for winding function. Here different parameter is maintained which effect in the dyeing process directly.

Soft winding section is an important part of yarn dyeing industry. It is the first step for preparing yarn for dyeing. If the winding process is not accurate then it affects the dyeing process.

Objectives: Different function is done in soft winding section. Following objects are required to gain in soft winding section.

  1. To make soft package (Density should lies between 0.300-0.350gm/cc).
  2. To transfer yarn from cone to spring tube or plastic tube.
  3. To make free the cone from yarn to facilities next process.
  4. To reduce the density of package.
  5. To remove unwanted materials from the package.
  6. To facilities batching operation.

Requirements of Soft Winding Section: In winding section, various parameters are set for produce required package which is best for yarn dyeing. Followings are the requirements of soft winding section.

  • The density of the package should be uniform, because it allows better penetration of dye liquor to the yarn.
  • The density value should be lies between 0.30 – 0.35 gm/cc or 300 – 350 Kg/M3
  • Winding should be performed according to the yarn count.
  • Tension of yarn during winding process should be maintained strictly because more tension makes the package hard and less tension makes the package softer. But softness of package should be at an acceptable level for better dyeing of yarn.
  • Winding section floor should keep neat and clean.
  • Winding parameter for different yarn count should set wisely.
  • More tension can occur more breakage of yarn, low tension makes softer package. So, tension should be accurate.

 So, we have to be sincere in soft winding section for getting correct density yarn package which gives better dyeing proficiency.

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  1. If I have automatic cone to cone Murata machines with automatic splicer.
    I am a dyehouse that is dyeing cotton for third party.
    My count varies from Ne 20/1 to Ne 120/2.
    How many spindles for each operator .

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