Process Flow Chart Of Viscose Fabric Dyeing

In dyeing floor, different types of natural, regenerated, synthetic, blended fabrics are dyed. All of the fibers dyeing procedure are not same. For this reason, an textile engineer should have vast knowledge about the different fibers dyeing process.

Viscose fabric or synthetic fabric dyeing procedure is given bellow:

Viscose fabric received from the batching section

Required amount of water was taken into the machine

The fabric was loaded and run for 5-10 minutes in normal temperature


Required amount of water filled

CK-1,Oxalic acid were added/dosing at hot water for 15 min at 950 C in adding tank

Rinsing for 20 min.

PH check at 5.5

Leveling agent dosing 10 min. at 550C

Run for 20 min

Salt was added for 10 min

Run for 10 min

Color was dosing for 30 min at 500C

Run for 20 min

Soda was added for 40 min at 500C

Run for 10 min

Temperature increase at 600C

Run for 1 hrs

Shade check (OK)

Rinsing for 30 min.

Acetic acid was added for neutralization for 10 min

Run for 15 min. at 40 0C

Shade check (ok)

Rinsing for 10 mins


Water was filled at required amount

Hot wash at 950C for 10 min.


Water was filled at required amount

Cold wash for 20 min.


Acetic acid added for PH controlled

PH check at 5.5

Softener added at 500C

Run for 30 min

Unloading the dyed fabric

Dyeing performance depends on the proper procedure and qualified dyes and chemicals.

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